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Heating Replacement in Vail & Aspen by Skyline Mechanical

If your heater is in need of repairs too often these days, it is time to consider replacing it with a new one from Skyline Mechanical. An HVAC unit that malfunctions on a recurring basis will leave you with a chilly house and cost you more in the long run than replacing it with an energy-efficient model.

How to Tell You Need a Heating Replacement

How can you tell it is time to replace your heater instead of having it repaired? There are telltale signs that include:

  • When your heater has been in use for 10 years or longer
  • When the unit makes loud noises while operating
  • When your home has hot and cold areas instead of consistent heating
  • When your utility bills increase even though you have not changed your heater usage habits
  • When you find yourself making more frequent repairs

When you notice these signs, it is time for you to upgrade to a new system.

Skyline Offers Energy-Efficient Heating Options

When it is time to replace your present heater with a new one, it is a wise and cost-effective move to select an energy-efficient system as your replacement unit. Energy-efficient heaters may cost a little more than traditional units but more than compensate for the difference in price in a big hurry by providing you with substantial monthly savings on energy bills.

These heaters have much higher AFUE ratings than older units, which will keep you warmer at a lower utility cost throughout the coldest stretch of winter. An AFUE rating is a dimensionless ratio of useful energy output to energy input, expressed as a percentage. A 90% AFUE rating for a gas furnace means it outputs 90 BTUs of useful heat for every 100 BTUs of natural gas used. The higher the AFUE rating, the more efficient the heater.

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When you are looking to save money without sacrificing the comfort of your family, an energy-efficient heating replacement is your best option. Our certified technicians from Skyline Mechanical can help you select the ideal unit for your home in the Greater Vail & Aspen, CO area, then provide a hassle-free installation to warm your home while lowering your utility bills. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 970-410-2737.