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Heat Pumps in Greater Vail & Aspen by Skyline Mechanical

Homeowners who want a heating system that is versatile and energy-efficient will be pleased by installing a heat pump. Unlike boilers and furnaces, these units do not generate their own heated air for your homes. Instead, they extract warm heat from the outside and pump it into your home.

This type of heating unit is cost-effective, energy-efficient and versatile because it can reverse the process and cool down your home just like an air conditioner. On hot days, it absorbs the warm air inside your home and blows it outside to cool your indoor environment. Skyline Mechanical offers top-quality heat pumps for homeowners in the Aspen and Vail, CO area. 

Different Types of Heat Pumps

When you are ready to install a heat pump in your home, you should consider any of the three most common types: air-to-air, earth-to-air, and water-to-air. The air-to-air heat pump is the most common of all three and is the one most homes use for heating and cooling.

Earth-to-air heat pumps and water-to-air heat pumps are called geothermal heat pumps and transfer heat to and from the ground or a water source. These are considered some of the most energy-efficient units available because they reduce energy use by up to 60%.

Heat pumps come in window units, centralized, and split system choices. For those who want to warm their home without the need for air ducts, and without installing multiple window units, a split system heat pump is your best bet. They are similar in concept to ductless split ACs, with an external unit and the possibility of multiple indoor units that don’t require the use of ducts.

Rely on Skyline for Quality Heat Pump Services

For residents of Vail, Aspen and their surrounding areas, Skyline Mechanical is the company to call for your heat pump installation needs.

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Keeping your home warm during cold days and cool during warm days with one unit that can be used for your entire home is a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to improve your indoor environment. When you need help with installation, maintenance or repairs for your heat pump, contact Skyline Mechanical online or give us a call at 970-410-2737.