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When you are looking for a home heating option that gives you evenly distributed warmth at a customer-friendly price, then a boiler system is what you need. A boiler system uses radiant heat to warm the different rooms of your home, giving you more comfortable and longer-lasting heat than you would get from other options.

Although a boiler is one of the oldest heating systems around, it still remains a favorite among homeowners because of its even heating in an energy-efficient manner.

How Does a Boiler System Warm a Home?

A boiler system uses hot water that is heated in a boiler, which is usually installed in the basement of your home, to generate radiant heat to keep rooms warm. The heated water that the boiler system uses is coursed through pipes, which are either installed in the walls or under the floors of these rooms. This radiant heat keeps rooms warmer longer because of the warmed surface. 

You can choose from gas-fired boilers and oil-fired boilers with high AFUE ratings to provide energy-efficient heating. 

Benefits of a Boiler System

Boiler systems are chosen by those who have seen the advantages of these heating options. Some benefits include:

  • Fewer allergens in the air – Compared to duct heating, boiler heating does not distribute dust and allergens into the air you breathe inside your home.
  • Control of which rooms are heated – Boiler heating systems come with controls that allow you to choose which rooms or zones to heat, allowing you to pinpoint high-traffic areas.
  • Cost savings on utility bills – Greater control of which areas are heated and which are not makes it a more economical and more energy-efficient choice than duct heating.

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If your boiler heating system needs repair, Skyline Mechanical features trained and certified technicians who can diagnose and correct your problem at a moment's notice. If you seek to install a new boiler system, our team will help you find the perfect option to meet your needs and your budget. For customers in the Greater Vail & Aspen, CO area, contact us online or give us a call at 970-410-2737 when you need our services.